What is the difference between Contemporary and Traditional Jazz? We, as Producers of Jazz Concerts and Festivals, find it to be in the attitude of the consumer, or perhaps in the opinion of a stalwart entertainment editor of a publication, radio, or television program. The traditionalist doesn't necessarily understand the new contemporary Jazz sound. Yet, the contemporary players, as a rule, must understand and make themselves familiar with all of the wonderful musicianship created prior to the time that contemporary Pop Jazz gained a foot-hold in the music scene. Traditional Jazz has its great players, as does the contemporary Jazz Music scene. Contemporary Jazz is just as meaningful and viable as was the cutting-edge classical music artistry of Eric Satie, or Mozart. And, of course, just as meaningful as Traditional Jazz was when it was first introduced. Jazz Music makes you feel good. Its sophisticated, soulful, playful, and exotic, whether Traditional or Contemporary, it doesn't make any difference.