If your company or corporation utilizes top-notch entertainers in music, theater, dance, variety, or in any aspects of the arts at your corporate parties, retreats, or conventions, and you are feeling that you are overpaying event party planners, as a long-time Producer of Special Events, I am here to tell you that in most cases, you most assuredly are. We at Michael Schivo Presents are on a mission to bring fair value to the corporate entertainment dollar and to stop the needless gouging and over-extracting from corporate budgets when producing a corporate event. As a producer of concerts and special events with our own invested monies over the past 40 years, I have become a crusader to drive the ever-increasing cost of talent down to a point of fairness for both the producer and the consumer. After all, the higher the cost of the event, the higher the ticket price or the cost to produce your events. Corporate America, you have had many of your entertainment budgets exploited needlessly. The way that I see it, there has been a definite tightening-down in all aspects involving daily operations in corporations from mid-management cuts to wasteful spending generally. So . . . Maybe you would like to examine how to produce first-class events without paying exorbitant prices to booking agencies, event organizers, and party planners. We at Michael Schivo Presents have recently entered into the Corporate Event Entertainment Services arena. We have been producing major concerts, festivals, and special events for 40 years, and we know what talent and production truly cost. Our goal at Michael Schivo Presents Corporate Entertainment Division is to provide to you with professional and creative services in which your company can truly feel confident. And to assure you that what your corporation has been offered hasn't been marked up two or three times, glazed over and presented to you over-priced and without consideration to your bottom line corporate entertainment budget. We are here to help, we are here to save you money. We thoroughly enjoy being concert producers, we're good at it, and we've been around a long time because we fight for every deal point in a positive manner, both for ourselves or a client. So, whether your corporate entertainment budget needs to be handled differently than in the past, or if you want to explore the new trend in the corporate/professional producer relationship, we are the right pick for you. WHAT IS THE CORPORATE/PROFESSIONAL PRODUCER RELATIONSHIP? It isn't for every corporation. Especially if you want to keep your corporate function exclusively private. But if you are in a position to open up your corporate function to the public for hard ticket sales, there is a method whereby the corporation and the producer can participate in additional revenues from the public ticket sales to your event. We are not talking sponsorship, we are talking about the seats in the back of your event that can be marketed to the public to off-set the cost of your event. If the idea of profit sharing by opening your event to the public interests you, or if you would like to utilize our expertise to cut your costs, please contact us through e-mail, at jazzrover@aol.com or directly via phone (425) 865-0808.